afreeCodecVT v2.0.88 12-10-05

' Recieve this update through live update.
  This will update your FourCC definitions and minor bugs.  
afreeCodecVT v2.0.82 11-18-05

' New Codec Library stores a listing of available definitions.
' Enhanced live update allows you to select which updates to install.
' Upgraded search panel to easily search afreecodec, google and afreeDLL.
' The visual GUI has been fully implamented.
' New tooltips that display additional support information.
' New option to "Open With VT" added to explorer menu. (Optional)
' Clicking FourCC / Audio Code displays codec library information.
' Clicking Audio / Video Codec begins a search option.
' Order in which sound plays onclick fixed to eliminate delay.
' New right click menu on videos for additional options such as zoom.
' Codec Wizard option added or easy access to online support.
' Lve update notification icon added to the bottom right.
' .AVI file verified to determine if the file is valid / complete.
' Basic information now displays resolution, frames and FPS.
' Download / Search icons added to basic info screen when available.
' Media Player progress bars for video and audio enhanced.
' Mini preview enlarged in new permanent position. (Lower Left)
' Application options limited until a video is loaded.
' Added option to view revision history in update area.
' New codec definition database for easy definition updating.
' Added additional help options.
' Fixed misc video and application bugs.
' New codec definitions updated and added.

afreeCodecVT v1.6.16 09-12-05

' Added 'Preview Media' option for video testing
' Added progress bar to show parse progress
' AutoUpdate will check and download available updates
' Fixed dragging bug when accidentally holding
  down mouse button with file dialog open over
  draggable area of application.
' Adding docking to screen edges
' Copy to clipboard moved to detailed screen
' Search button disabled at startup, enabled when has content
' Window snapping allows being pushed beyond screen limits
' Changed fixed use of stream 0 in 'ReadSizes' to be stream in question
' Added check for reaching EOF before finding header (ie, not an AVI)
' Changed 'ReadInfo' so that passed structure is left alone if read fails
' Added feature to decode header flags into meaningful values, both global and per-stream
' Check that the FourCC code actually matched something, otherwise display message
' Check that file begins with 'RIFF', otherwise not an AVI
' Added check that read actually succeeds before trying to display details
' Changed 'flag' to actually show which flags are set, both global and per-stream
' Changed B to KB conversion to be division by 1024 instead of 1000
' Formatted KB to #0.00
' Formatted all large units to group thousands
' Added resizing to correct aspect ratio
' File size reduced dramatically with change in GUI format
' Removed Hover sounds which are changed on click
' Improved over performance eliminating delay

afreeCodecVT v1.5.7 08-29-05

- New GUI interface
- Fixed Lockup when Audio / Video Length not determined.
- Added Error Handling to prevent lockups
- Advanced Video Details available
- Copy to Clipboard option
- Option to search afreeCodec Database
- Browser Control removed for efficiency
- Added options to load Codec Wizard, Faq
- Sound Bit on button mouseovers
- Removed Preview Video option
- Additional support links / partners added
- Reduced executable size dramatically
- Internet Connection detection removed
- Check for updates method changed
- Fixed / Removed unavailable options
Latest Version: 2.0.88
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